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[Delta II] Launch of Delta II Rocket with NASA's SMAP Mission

A now rare Delta II rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base this afternoon, January 31st 2015 at 14:22 UTC carrying NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) satellite. SMAP will over...

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Enjoy 2015 Super Bowl XLIX Commercials Here

Companies pay top dollars for a small 30 second slot during Super Bowl. Super Bowl commercial are probably more popular than the game itself. It is one of the major attractions of a Super Bowl event, at least what I have noticed in the last few years. It is also one of the important article […]

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In A Significant Pivot, Geico Rolls Out Commercial Ridehail Insurance

At first, the policy will cover drivers in Virginia — where Uber and Lyft’s temporary legal status is set to expire in February— and will eventually expand to Maryland.

Geico is now offering a commercial insurance policy to Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar drivers in Virginia, BuzzFeed News has learned. A current Geico employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said the company began working on the product several months ago after one "of the big three [ride-hailing companies]" approached Geico regarding coverage for their drivers.

Since late last week, Geico has made requests for quotes for ridehailing insurance as well as agents available to drivers on the site.

"It is a year long commercial auto policy, but like any of our commercial products, we've designed it to cover personal and commercial use of any vehicles on it - replacing the personal policy and thus creating the seamless insurance coverage that no one else can offer yet," the source and current Geico employee told BuzzFeed News.

The new insurance policy — which may soon be available to drivers in Maryland — is a significant pivot for Geico. In November, leaked transcripts of an internal training document showed that the company was rejecting requests for coverage from ridehail drivers and as a policy cancelled the existing coverage of drivers who drove for any of the e-hail companies.

However, as BuzzFeed News reported earlier this month, Uber has deactivated at least a dozen drivers who were registered as commercial vehicles and would thus require commercial insurance. (The California DMV has since retracted its statement that ridehail drivers must be registered as commercial vehicles.) The cost of commercial insurance is significantly higher than personal insurance and any requirement for ridehail drivers to register as such could pose a threat to the business models of Uber and Lyft — which, in many states, depend on a pool of part-time or more casual drivers using their personal vehicles.

"One of the big three don't like the policy because they don't like that it's a commercial product (as opposed to a personal insurance one)," the source said citing an earlier BuzzFeed News story that reported Uber was advising its drivers in California to purchase personal insurance that left them uncovered.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News an Uber spokesperson seemed to welcome the new policy: "It's great to see more insurers recognizing the importance of ridesharing by creating products that will directly serve this growing market."

Sidecar spokesperson Margaret Ryan said that though the company was not aware of any such policy they also welcome the opportunity to work with Geico.

To the benefit of both the ridehail companies and its drivers, the costs of Geico's new policy will be much more affordable than existing commercial policies.

"I can tell you prices are decent, no where near as expensive as taxi coverage but a little pricier than personal auto - the tradeoff is seamless coverage between Uber/Lyft work & personal use," the source said. "The downside is we'll probably never be filed in NY to be able to offer TNC/TLC insurance in NY - the filing is too stringent for the conservative company to want to go through."

But in Virginia, Uber and Lyft have seen their fair share of regulatory battles, some of which focused on insurance issues, making it an appropriate starting point for Geico's new insurance policy. In June, the Virginia DMV issued cease and desists to both companies but then granted the companies temporary legal status so long as they perform extensive background checks later that summer. That temporary legal status will expire on February 6, according to the letters the DMV sent to both companies, making the launch of the new policy seemingly well-timed.

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Fast food history: McDonald's opening day in Russia 25 years ago


Twenty-five years ago, Russians finally got to have it their way

McDonald's set up its iconic golden arches in the then-Soviet Union on Jan. 31, 1990, opening its doors to hundreds of patrons excited for their first taste of Big Macs and Happy Meals. The chain's first Soviet restaurant opened on Moscow's Pushkin Square — reportedly the world's busiest — which was recently closed temporarily following state-regulator inspections

While McDonald's truly had a grand welcoming in 1990, it's a different scene today. The company is opening just 50 restaurants this year — compared to 73 last year — due to a fall in the Russian ruble, according to Reuters. Read more...

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Try a Writing Meditation If Sitting Still Isn’t Working For You

Try a Writing Meditation If Sitting Still Isn’t Working For You

Meditation has a ton of benefits, and you can do it lots of ways. Many practices focus on sitting still, but you can also meditate while writing.

Buster Benson, the founder of 750words, explains how writing is a form of meditation we can all do. Instead of setting a word limit, set a time limit and write whatever comes to mind. Don't judge or censor what you're writing—just observe your thoughts and write what you see. He explains one reason this type of meditation might work for some people:

The act of typing serves as a hand rail on our thoughts, and occupies a certain part of the brain that generally gets restless and looks for something to do, because it's already doing something: typing. Disabling that restless squirrel in your brain is the reason why activities like walking, showering, doing the dishes, gardening, etc are all such great activities for stirring up creative thoughts. Free writing has the added benefit of providing a tangible trail of thoughts as they rise up. You're essentially hitching your subconscious directly to your typing fingers.

A writing meditation isn't that much different than journaling, and any tool works for a writing meditation. The difference is here you'll observe your thoughts rather than write about your day or to solve a problem.

If a silent or still meditation hasn't worked for you, check out the link for ideas on how to start a writing meditation.

Better Than Meditation - Better Humans | Buster Benson

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LaserShield (r) is a totally wireless residential alarm system that can be easily bypassed to defeat the transmission of any signals from the motion sensors or panic key fob. This report was...

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This is the full version of the LaserShield video that details how this residential alarm system functions, and is circumvented. LaserShield (r) is a totally wireless residential alarm system...

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Мини компьютер MK808B Plus Amlogic M805

Купить очень дешевый мини-компьютер можно в магазине гикбайинг

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Lavish Freebies From Saudi King to Buoy Economy, Markets

A lavish payout to public employees ordered by Saudi Arabia's new King Salman will help to sustain the kingdom's consumer boom and reassure financial markets that the government is not slashing...

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날씨정보 1월 31일 23시 발표

내일 (일) - 전국이 대체로 맑겠음 ▷ 모레 (월) - 전국이 대체로 맑겠음.

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13 weirdest bets you can make on Super Bowl XLIX


It's that time of year again.

Super Bowl XLIX means the return of weirdly specific prop bets to keep gambling addicts fans on the edge of their seat for every second of the spectacle.

While the on-field battle between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks promises to be a great one, thousands of viewers will have just as much at stake over these very specific aspects of the game

Note: These are all actual prop bets as found on Sports Book Review .

1. What will the result of the coin toss be? (Heads/Tails)

After an exhaustive, detailed analysis, we've come to the conclusion that you have about a 50 percent chance of getting this one right.

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