Unmanned Mars One mission to blast off with experiments (and ads) in tow

Mars One announced sometime ago that it plans to scope things out with an unmanned mission before it ships off humans to the red planet in 2025. Today, the non-profit org has finally revealed that mission's details, and by the looks of it, the...

1 de julio de 2014 Pronóstico del Tiempo

Pronóstico del Tiempo para el 1 de julio de 2014.

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Nokia XL supersizes hybrid OS phone

A mashup between Android, Asha, and Windows Phone comes uneasily together on this 5-inch phone that nevertheless entices users in emerging markets with its friendly price tag.

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Lexus RX hybrid quietly persists

http://cnet.co/1sSwH3d The luxury hybrid SUV hasn't changed much since its debut almost a decade ago, but maybe the quiet and refined 2014 Lexus RX 450h doesn't have to.

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CNET Update - The ethical problem with Facebook's emotional experiment

http://cnet.co/1meY04j Facebook teamed up with academia to manipulate users' emotions in a week-long science experiment, but users had no idea they were test subjects. CNET's Bridget Carey...

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Peter Dinklage Is So Not Done Recording Lines For Destiny

Peter Dinklage Is So Not Done Recording Lines For Destiny

As funny as it was in places, actor Peter Dinklage - who we know can really punch out some great lines - gave a surprisingly terrible performance in the Destiny Alpha. But it's OK! He's got plenty of time to make things right.


News Bloopers Prove Live TV Is Delightfully Painful


Live television is dangerous, and here are the cringe-worthy bloopers to prove it

From the meteorologist who can't stop hiccuping to the poor news correspondent getting a cooler of water dumped on her, these are the hardest working people in the news business. You'll laugh, cry and feel just a little bit sad for nothing going according to plan when they introduce the ever unpredictable human element.

Make sure to stick around until the end for Erykah Badu's creepy attempt to steal a kiss from an unsuspecting newscaster.

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Our Android Week 6/30/2014

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Fruit Fly Surveillance

The International Space Station is an exciting location for scientists to conduct research. One exciting research topic that NASA is currently working is researching the effects of microgravity...

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Increíble Experimento en un Sonámbulo

En el siguiente y sorprendente videoprograma, os hablamos de un experimento con resultado inexplicable llevado a cabo sobre un sonámbulo, en el experimento se demuestra que los sonámbulos...

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If Captain America actually represented the USA, he'd be embarrassing

If Captain America actually represented the USA, he'd be embarrassing

If Captain America was a realistic representation of the United States of America instead of some well groomed side part and perfectly pectoral'd ideal of a man, well, he'd be much fatter, much dumber and much more wasteful.