Google's kicking off a Festivus for the rest of us, erecting the traditional aluminum pole alongside

Google's kicking off a Festivus for the rest of us, erecting the traditional aluminum pole alongside your search for the made-up holiday that falls on December 23rd. So start preparing for the airing of grievances, and limber up for the feats of strength. [SearchEngineLand via Huffington Post]

Could Instagram inspire the next Yelp?

Will the next location review service take its cues from Instagram? As the third party apps surrounding the photo sharing platform dive more and more into location, it's possible.

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KEF M500 review

KEF audio is best known for its diverse lineup of hi-fi speakers and home theater systems. However, like any savvy speaker designer, KEF has recently utilized its four decades or so of audio experience to make its play in the lucrative game of hi-fi headphones. The product of its efforts is its new M series. […]

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MOGA Ace Power review

Gaming on-the-go got a boost from Apple with the addition of external controller support in iOS 7, and PowerA is one of the first to capitalize on it with the release of the Ace Power controller. Much like MOGA’s similarly (large) pocket-friendly Android controllers – right down to the built-in 1,800 mAh battery introduced in […]

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Modder Shows Xbox One Can Boot From a Bigger, Faster Hard Drive

Despite the lack of support to swap in different hard drives (especially ones of a larger capacity) in the Xbox One, this guy says he's gotten the two pieces of hardware to cooperate. Not only that, the console runs faster with a non-stock hard drive installed.

Nokia's Verizon-bound Lumia 929 shows up again in leaked photo

We're quickly losing count on how many times we have seen leaks of the Nokia Lumia 929. Still, something tells us Verizon subscribers won't mind getting as many looks as possible at what's rumored to be a pretty high-end smartphone. Now, courtesy of a forum member on Windows Phone Central, we're seeing the Lumia 929 from a slightly different angle than in previous occasions. As a refresher, Nokia's unannounced handset is rumored to come with a 5-inch, 1080p display, 32GB of built-in storage and a 20-megapixel PureView shooter. Previous reports suggested it could hit Verizon around Thanksgiving, but according to the person behind the most recent leak, this Windows Phone device won't be official until sometime in mid-to-late December.

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Roku 2 For $50

Amazon's price has dropped even more, snag the Roku 2 for $50 while you can. [Amazon]

Cyber Monday Deals You Can't Miss


Black Friday hadn't even ended before some retailers started teasing their deals for Cyber Monday.

Amazon announced plans to start its Cyber Monday deals at midnight on Sunday and run promotions throughout the week. Walmart did one better and started its "Cyber Week" sales on Saturday.

The term "Cyber Monday" was first coined in 2005 and it has since turned into the single biggest shopping day of the year for online retailers. Consumers spent nearly $1.5 billion online on Cyber Monday last year, the third year in a row that sales topped the $1 billion mark, according to data from comScore Read more...

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Tell A Compelling Story Through Diptychs For Our Photo Challenge


In photography, a diptych is a pair of photographs placed side by side to form one single artistic statement or comparison. The images can be identical or similar in composition, they can show different angles of the same scene, or they can demonstrate polar opposites such as morning and night, old and new, or before and after

Diptychs are great because they can deliver twice the storytelling impact of a single image. We want you to try this technique for this week's round of our Mashable Photo Challenge

You can use Photoshop on your computer or any collage app on your smartphone to combine your images. Feel free to check out this Flickr group for some diptych inspiration. Read more...

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12 Vines That Sum Up Black Friday


Ah, Black Friday. The shop-til-you-sometimes-literally-drop holiday has become a spectacle leading up to campers posting up in line several days before Friday. In fact, this year, shoppers were in line around the U.S. as early as Wednesday.

In honor of the madness, we collected parodies and real shoppers captured on Vine. Check out the list below and add links to your favorites in the comments.

1. Black Friday Shopping

2. Really ... #toosoon #blackfriday

3. People on Black Friday Be Like

4. Black Friday at Express!! :)


5. Black Friday Gonna Be Like ... (Inspired By Gary Rojas)

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El Centro de Innovación y Emprendimiento de Los Olivos (CIELO) acogerá del 27 al 30 de noviembre el primer Congreso Internacional de Neurociencias aplicadas ...

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Best Xbox Live Arcade games

The Xbox Live Arcade has been around for nearly a decade, but it hasn't always been the indie and blockbuster powerhouse it is today. Check out our top picks for the best Xbox Live Arcade games so you can download a great title that won't cost you $60.

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A VC And Olympic Hopeful Taps Indiegogo With A Game To Raise Funds For Young Athletes

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 12.57.09 PMPaul Bragiel, the batshit crazy awesome VC who has been training for months in the Arctic Circle to compete in the Sochi Winter Olympics, has a side charity project up his sleeve. After seeing dozens of other younger Olympic contenders struggle to raise funds for training, he felt he needed to do something to help out. Some friends over at Belarusian and Lithuanian gaming studio On5 offered their talents pro bono to develop a game called Team Paul Skiing. It's a beautiful, little side-scroller that takes a player through Bragiel's training as he skis in Finland (where he's done the bulk of his preparation). Then it shifts to Colombia, the country that gave Bragiel citizenship to compete on behalf of their Olympic team, and finally it ends in Sochi, Russia, where the Olympics will be held next year. They set a low goal of raising $10,000 in the next seven days, and half of the proceeds will go toward different youth sports foundations in Finland and Colombia while the other half will go toward game development. But they hope to raise somewhere between $25,000 and $30,000. Bragiel, who started i/o Ventures out of San Francisco, decided earlier this year to realize his lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics. But there were many hurdles. For one, he didn't have a sport. Then, he was also pretty old for an Olympic hopeful at 36 years of age. But he's hacked his way so far. After considering everything from curling to the luge, he settled on classical cross country skiing, which is a more traditional Winter Olympic sport that has more lenient rules around qualifications. Then he secured citizenship in a warm, tropical country that is less competitive for winter sports - Colombia. Now he's in the middle of qualifying races. To make it to the Olympics, he must be able to finish five qualifying races where he's not more than 10 minutes behind world's top cross-country skiier - no hard feat. He's competed in his first qualifying race already, which was a miss. But he's definitely not deterred. There are plenty more to come.

U.S. Army Saved $130 Million by Stealing Software

U.S. Army Saved $130 Million by Stealing Software

The U.S. Army just paid a $50 million settlement over accusations that it illegally installed software on thousands of devices without a license. Even after the settlement, the Army ended up saving a bunch of cash. Maybe crime really does pay?

Sony Xperia Z1, Review en Español

Puedes comprar tu Sony Xperia Z1 aquí: Suscríbete a Andro4all: Analizamos en profundidad el Sony Xperia Z1, el t...

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Time: 04:31 More in Science & Technology Hopes To Become Kickstarter For Independent Media

The Internet wasn't kind to media. Huge media corporations have managed to transform their businesses, for the most part, but independent media, often playing a vital role in emerging countries, are seriously threatened by the lack of available funds.

Best Buy is selling $100 iTunes or App Store giftcards for just $85 shipped, a pretty surprising sav

Best Buy is selling $100 iTunes or App Store giftcards for just $85 shipped, a pretty surprising savings in the Apple ecosystem. [Best Buy via 9to5Toys]

Xbox One's 500GB HDD swapped for bigger, faster drives, and tested for performance

The Xbox One arrives with a 500GB HDD built-in, and in contrast to the PlayStation 4's easily-accessed storage, it's not meant to be accessed or replaced by the user, ever. While we'll probably leave ours in place to keep from voiding the warranty or risk a ban from Xbox Live, a few folks have already cracked open the console to see what else will fit. iFixit noted during its teardown that there's an off-the-shelf 2.5-inch Samsung HDD inside connected via SATA II inside, and swapping that out isn't much of an issue. Brian Williams has already tried out the system with two alternate drives: a 500GB Samsung EVO SSD, and a Seagate 1TB hybrid SSHD. As you can see in his video (embedded after the break) boot time from off to the dashboard only improved slightly, with the SSD loading in 46.1 seconds compared to 50.5 stock. A test with Call of Duty: Ghosts revealed similar results, with the SSD loading up in 27 seconds and the hybrid drive close behind in 27.7, compared to 33.5 seconds stock. We'll need tests with more games to be sure, but so far it's not showing the improvements seen after swapping the PS4's hard drive out for speedier options. The folks at Tested report doing so improved level load times in Killzone: Shadow Fall from 60 seconds to 39 seconds.

So, if it's not a ton faster, why would you want to take the chance of prying Microsoft's box open? To get more space. Brian's drives were simply copies of the original transferred by Clonezilla, but an individual named Juvenal1 has already worked out how to get the system to actually recognize and make use of drives bigger than 500GB. By copying files from your original drive and using their Linux-compatible tool to repartition the new HDD, you can be up and running with more capacity after just a reboot or two. Of course, this carries significant risks and we don't recommend it for most, as Microsoft's Albert Penello has already revealed support for external drives is coming in a future update, along with the ability to do crazy things like see how much storage you actually have left. Still, if you just need to live on the edge (or store every game released so far and record hours of clean Upload Studio clips) the instructions can be found here.

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El Centro de Innovación y Emprendimiento de Los Olivos (CIELO) acogerá del 27 al 30 de noviembre el primer Congreso Internacional de Neurociencias aplicadas ...

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Smart Night Light Takes Fear Out of Bedtime


Product name: Boon Glo

Price: $84.99

Who would like this?: Kids of all ages

Children can be surprisingly hard to buy for at Christmas. Once you take into account what Santa Claus is planning to drop down the chimney, you may not find yourself with many options

We think we've found the ideal gift for kids of all ages — the Boon Glo night light. It's perfect for younger children struggling to overcome their fear of the dark, or for older kids who want to extend "lights out" time


We can all remember the comforting power of a night light. The Boon Glo takes this concept and adds some cool tech to make for some innovative illumination. While we can't promise getting them into bed will be any easier, we're sure all kids will be excited to turn on the Glo for an evening Read more...

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How Are You Doing Your Holiday Shopping This Year?

How Are You Doing Your Holiday Shopping This Year?

Black Friday, and its stinky alter-ego Brown Friday, are behind us, meaning our national bloodsport of post-Thanksgiving dealhunting has shifted into the gradually-mounting panic of the holiday shopping countdown. With online deals and brick-and-mortar stores vying for buyers' bucks, where do you plan on picking up your holiday needs?

Dying to be Me! : Anita Moorjani at TEDxBayArea

Doctors had given Anita Moorjani just hours to live when she arrived at the hospital in a coma on the morning of February 2nd, 2006. Unable to move as a resu...

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